[PODCAST] Why Pursuing Your Happyness Matters

Pursue your happyness no matter what

Your happyness (Yes, spelled with a “Why”) matters. It is vital to your health and well-being. Often times people lose themselves in others, wrong relationships, toxic people and places.

I’ve seen folk get so wrapped up and tangled up in stuff till they don’t know how to get out or remember who themselves.

Do you know what makes you happy? Are you where you desire to be? Are you in the right career?

Even better… Have you stopped your life and desires listening to those you really admire and respect?

I have. There’s no secret to about it. But, I couldn’t stay there any longer. I began to resent and dread this one area in my life.

I’m sure you can relate. One day God gave me enough courage and grace to make a change. And, since this day, I continue to pursue happyness.

Happiness simply is being overjoyed, cheerful, taking delight in things and spaces that are pleasant. When you’re in this satisfied state of mind, you perform better for work and write with a different level of freedom.

This doesn’t mean all days are of glam and glitter. Rather, it means you’re in control of what happens to keep and maintain being happy.

Such contentment brings presence, where your clients, customers, and followers will feel it emanating from your verbal words and writings.

Take a listen to today’s episode, “Why Pursuing Your Happiness Matters.” I promise it’ll benefit your life, business and writing.

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