Jacqueline T. Hill

Jacqueline T Hill | #Writer #Editor #Marketer #Entrepreneur #Consultant #Influencer
has an undeniable passion to respond to those in need of practical skills to live and succeed. “I serve to help them reinvent self creatively.”

Jacqueline appreciably impacts thousands of people lives. She is known for her vivid teachings and rich voice in the areas of practical living and self-improvement. Hill leaves an indelible impression on all who comes into her presence. She aims to serve, and meet the needs of those with inner-struggles in the community.

Jacqueline T. Hill is an astute community leader. She is a teacher, writer, editor, and digital marketer. For over 20 years, Jacqueline has helped an innumerable amount of women, men, and youth develop new lifestyles in areas of practical living coupled with inspirational wisdom and understanding. Whatever the teaching focus or subject, she intentionally includes life application knowledge. Jacqueline will find ways to help others connect self, text, other, or world to “self.”  Her teachings surely get the listeners involved, communicating and reflecting through a theological lens perpetually. She is also a prolific teacher and mentor. Jacqueline has developed many professional courses and curriculum. She understands varying learning styles, and now her works have landed on a new platform.  Jacqueline also provides individualized communication services for non-profits, businesses, and writers.

Jacqueline is passionate about teaching, albeit by trade and or gift. Her focus is to respond to the needs of learners in areas of: Forgiving & Reconciling, Leadership Skills, Self- Actualization Daily, Writing, Literature Development, Practical Skills to Live, Editing Digital Marketing, plus more.

Jacqueline has over two decades of experience as a writer, consultant, and teacher. A former certified High School English Teacher, and former Pastor she has assisted many students, community leaders, aspiring business owners, and families in areas of graphic design, branding, marketing campaigns, consulting, and coaching.

Jacqueline has served as an Educator and in Administrative positions. She focuses extensively on educating communities. Jacqueline has an undeniable passion for assisting others.

Jacqueline graduated cum laude with a BA in English/Writing from Bloomfield College. She went on to attend Drew University Theological School, also graduating cum laude, with a Master of Divinity. She completed her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership & Administration from Northcentral University.



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