Change Your Circle! How To Kickstart Your Online Business

The saying, “You’re family and friends won’t support your business is true, in part. There are a remnant of individuals you already know. They’re waiting for your idea to help them move forward. When you recognize your business has a resolve for a struggling company, there is a way to approach the other boss. However, the first step is knowing whether your business provides adequate and vital solutions for others’. Secondly, it is wise to know if they’re approachable for assistance. Beginning to get your brand noticed can start with one or two people you already know.

There are many start up companies you already have background info about. It’s all a matter of how receptive they will be for your services. Some people just don’t mix business with pleasure. No need to waste time on those who don’t combine the two. Rather, use your energy for the few that are open-minded. The open-minded people will be grateful for your help and will gladly accept your offer.

Initially, it’s best, to begin with, a simple email or instant message with something like, “Hey! I understand your intentions and passion for your business. I now work with owners to help with _________. You’ve served as a great capacity in my life, and I believe that we have many solutions to push your company to the next level. Would you consider having a conversation to speak more about this?” These words are a guide for you to tweak, or just flat out use them. Don’t use savvy business language. Speak more personally–as if it were a regular conversation inquiring about how their business is going. It’s ok to be vulnerable and make them aware of your new start.

Use email. This means of communication is high in demand because it creates a nice paper trail to use later. In this case, you use it to write content for later and during consultations as a means to help your clients.

Many businesses can grow in 90 days with new customers using the email strategy. Once they respond, you can lock in customers by using more relational conversation strategies. Be sure to discuss particulars and have them sign contracts/waivers (if needed) before any consultation. Begin correctly with capturing emails by using an opt-in form on your website. There are many online sites available for these services. I highly recommend Aweber. It is user-friendly and the most used by many experts.

Initially, I called some and had conversations based on their needs, my performance and gave examples with realistic numbers for their product exposure. I mentioned that I’d demonstrate how to use at minimum three social platforms to help gain reach and exposure to an audience of roughly 300k and write their advertisements weekly for the campaign. I also used this approach with those I am editing books for because they need marketing as well. I discussed the importance of self-publishing and walked them through the numbers. Before the end of the conversations, I gained commitments and trust.

Study tools are great resources needed for your professional development and self-growth. The consistency of research, reading, and study informs your strategies. They often require some altering to fit and meet the wants of potential prospects. Read a lot of articles, books and blogs, and purchase courses that surround your expertise. Be sure to have plenty of notebooks or writing space to take notes.

Before this catapult in my business, I retired (at 38 years old) from teaching high school English for 13 years. My husband and I already had a budget and plan in place for our bills and advertising. We projected roughly six months for “security” with believing that the business would yield income either before or by our deadline. It looks like we are traveling in the right direction. God, plus adding faith to work, continues to sustain us at each stage of business. Don’t forget to keep your business start up covered in prayer and faith. It is necessary to remove all negative energy from it and yourself.

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