10 Self-Made Millionaire-Like Behaviors Small Business Owners Should Show During Startup

Some past experiences had no meaning then, so do they mean something now? Everyone handles life differently. People receive what it has to offer on various levels. It’s really about openness, perception, and altering the mindset. Some encounters make you ask, “Why Me?” Ordinary people are taught not to question the process. Perhaps the traditional leaders and matriarchs taught you how to survive from an “altar-ed” mindset,” and end of the discussion. Life comes at us to teach what will be of value in the present and near future. It can also awaken millionaire (-like) status possibilities.

One particular multi-layer experience comes to mind: start-ups with ordinary people who have no money and are in debt. If you’ve ever been a part of this process, then you understand how it works. When you begin, you already know what lies ahead. You have a conditioned mind, which prepares for both rewarding and challenging experiences. You receive various types of grooming on hand to help boost stamina and endurance. You may start up in your home using the form of motivational meetings weekly, set up a small office area, use the kitchen for meal orders, create space in various regions of the house, etc. Depending on the business type, it can begin with about four to six regular visitors, or maybe ten, which are usually family members and one or two friends. They are consistent because each one BELIEVES in the mission, TRUSTS you and wants to show moral support. Hopefully, these faithful few are investing monetarily, which helps with your ROI and ability to save money for other investments because that’s the primary focus. As the business grows, you will probably think about larger space.

But, just hold on for a little. Try not to move too quickly.

There are other ways to leverage space, time and monetary turnover. Many times small business owners feel a need to rush into more overhead expenses minus realistic checks and balances. It’s perfectly ok to work from home before venturing out. You may be thinking this isn’t a reality for the influx of traffic. But, traditionally, self-made millionaires began in similar fashions and with a little more structure. You see, while planning, saving, and investing, their thought process did not include moving into larger spaces right away. They used time wisely by waking earlier before the crowd, reading loads of materials, spending time alone to think about how to make more money for leveraging and to make bigger moves and choose not to follow the masses, as others do. Self-made millionaires tackle any and all debts with intention and force. The objective is to owe no one money because you want to own and make it yourself. You also have to release people with no value for your life. Self-made millionaires refuse to be around negativity. They train the brain to think positively always. You should begin to mirror the same. You must stay positive. Learn how to train your brain to go positive instead of negative. According to Loretta Breuning Ph.D., “our brains are automatically wired to think negative.” She contends, “negativity will engulf you unless you build a positivity circuit. To do that, spend one minute looking for positives three times a day for forty-five days. This trains your brain to look for positives the way it is already trained to look for negatives.”

Self-made millionaires set daily goals to accomplish. Smaller aims each day are good to avoid feeling too overwhelmed–it’s like pacing yourself to achieve desired results. You will also remain on track with the position, the call, and purpose.

When establishing your startup, all of the above experiences should be applied. A stark contrast is learning and adapting to this culture. And, while the fluctuating “numbers” help to drive your new company, you keep at it because embedded and branded in your heart and spirit is a strong withal and drive. All new experiences make you wiser and build you to last.

10 Self-Made Millionaire-Like Behaviors To Show During Startup Are:

1. Staying grounded and practicing positivity every day
2. Not depending solely on “pats on the back” or “encouragements.”
3. Understanding the art of consistency, so the lack of personal, social interaction does not affect your emotions.
4. Remaining faithful to the new shift in mindset and new actions.
5. Knowing that in time, culture and your brand will grow.
6. Understanding the art of meditation, 30 minutes of self-reflection and how faith connects to work.
7. Grasping the concepts: stability and focus.
8. Faithfully reading on a daily basis non-fiction material and check-ins with a millionaire mentor.
9. To be diligent through life’s “testing” periods–all take risks
10. Keeping negative people at bay.

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