10 Ways This One Area Helps Your Small Business

Some past experiences had no meaning then, but are needed for now. Everyone handles life differently. Everyone receives what it has to offer on various levels. It’s really about openness, perception, and discernment. Some encounters make you ask, “Why Me?” A few are taught not to question God nor the process. Perhaps the traditional leaders and “seasoned mothers” told you to “keep on keeping on,” and end of the discussion. Life comes at us to teach what will be of value in the present and near future.

One particular multi-layer experience comes to mind: nonprofit start-ups with NO MONEY. If you’ve ever been a part of this process, then you understand how it works. When leaders begin, they already know what lies ahead. Leaders have a conditioned mind, which prepares them for both rewarding and challenging experiences. They receive various types of grooming on hand to help boost stamina and endurance. The leader may startup in his or her home using the form of motivational meetings and one service per week. There are about FOUR to SIX members, or maybe TEN, which are sometimes family members and one or two friends. They attend because each one BELIEVES in the mission, TRUSTS their leader and MAINTAINS RELATIONSHIP. Everyone meets up enough to save money for a building because that’s the primary focus. According to the leader, a building is a need because many people will not visit in a home. Some may feel it is “cultish.”

A goal is set to transition into a building. The leader finds one and prepares the congregants to move on a such and such date. Now, space is a little larger, expenses increase, and there are little to no people. This leader begins to teach and preach to “empty” seats like there are thousands of people. S/he remains faithful to the position, the call and purpose.

When establishing an online presence, some of the above experiences are applicable. A stark contrast is you build the page culture in a different capacity. And, while the “numbers” help to drive your posts, you keep at it because embedded and branded in your heart and spirit is a strong withal and drive. Experience should make you wiser and builds you to last.

Ten ways this area of life helps in online small business.

1. Leaders stay grounded.
2. Leaders do not depend solely on “Amen’s” or “Page Likes.”
3. Leaders understand consistency, so the lack of post interaction does not affect their emotions.
4. Leaders remain faithful to the call because of their passion.
5. Leaders know that in time, culture and their brand will grow.
6. Leaders understand the art of prayer and how faith connects to work.
7. Leaders grasp the concept called focus.
8. Leaders are faithful because we know you’re watching our every move.
9. Leaders are diligent because we understand life’s “testing.”
10. Leaders keep love and purpose at the forefront.

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