How SwingOut and God Healed My Wounds To Start My Business

The best of entrepreneurs undergo emotional hurts in their lives. Some are transparent. Others choose not to mix personal matters with business, which is O.K.

There’s a story behind my swingout dance startup. You see, God used this dance to heal me from emotional trauma. YES! I SAID, GOD! My healing did not come through laying on of hands. It also came through professional Christian counseling, the counselor understanding my needs and suggestions to get out, meet new people and do something from my wishlist. This video shows my third month into learning Swingout dance. I’ve been dancing now for over a year.

My initial move to Texas was bittersweet. I didn’t know anyone. No family or friends. No sisterhood. Came here with the belief and knowing that God sent me. I became excited initially. However, reality hit once I landed. God moved miraculously. Visited a friend three months before my transition, and my spirit leaped to make a move. Ended up landing a teaching position two months later. So, I headed this way one month later. Many shifts occurred within three months the summer of 2013. I felt elated to move. Then, reality settled after my help returned to their homes in another state. Living became hard because I was used to another community and had established relationships. Not the case in Texas. This culture is territorial, especially women. Therapists and counselors in the tristate area confirm this knowledge. And, rightfully so because as professionals, they should know the area and psycho-analytics of the market. Women of ages 25 and up have more of a difficult time connecting and developing relationships. Plus, by this age, their relationships are established from years of nurturing. However, as you get older relationship statuses change, grow apart or end. It got harder for me living alone.

Many thoughts flooded my mind and consumed me. I entered seasons of weeping, which felt like forever. I needed healing from church wounds, toxic relationships, toxic people, erroneous teachings, oppressive doctrines and church circles that were headed around the same merry go round.

I didn’t want to hide behind the scriptures any longer. You know, preaching to others for their healing, while I’m bleeding and dying on the inside. Sorry, I couldn’t bear certain types of “control” any longer. So, I called my spiritual mom and biological mom to confess that I wanted counseling to heal. Keep in mind, “there is safety in the multitude of counselors.” I couldn’t go to the ole’ church mothers, traditional apostles, and prophets. I needed a fresh and new perspective on life, God and me. So, I went and got FREE. By any means necessary, liberation was my goal because the burden began to consume my thoughts and behaviors. Prayer over the phone only helped, in part. Talks with the same people assisted some but not enough. Since part of my personality includes to not project “my stuff” on people, therapy and dance were the best solutions. My counselor recognized and said, “because of the type of person you are, you’ll only need one session.” She instantly gathered from our talk that I am one to self-assess, focus on self-actualizing, and am self-aware. My counselor also noticed that I tell everything; my side your side; and the truth. No need to lie to a therapist. If you do, remember you only receive counsel based on information and your experiences shared in the sessions. During this one appointment, God used a space of 45 mins to shift my life for the better. Towards the session’s end, my counselor asked what something I’ve always wanted to do is. “That two-step looking dance that looks appropriately sexy,” I uttered. We laughed. And, in that moment of laughter, I experienced God’s miraculously healing power. He completed my healing to wholeness by the counselor giving me the address to the swingout dance place.

I met a beautiful community. And, dance released an abundance of healing, uprooted many hurts along with their attached memories. Most importantly, I met my lovely husband right on this dance floor.

Who knew? But, God! It is necessary to heal properly in severely wounded areas to advance in your life. To be successful also means for fractures to be made whole. To be married, one should work on self to prevent “stuff” and unnecessary “baggage” from entering the relationship. God knew I didn’t want to bring such negatives to any new relationships, nor my business. Experts advise that one of many reasons small businesses fail in three to five years is due to the founder not dealing with his or her personal issues.

Anyway, I’m not your “traditional Christian.” I am an entrepreneur–a versatile boss who keeps faith and God at the forefront of my company and life. Proud to say that there are beautiful areas to faith not mentioned in the average sermon, or church community. I am not angry. Not harboring unforgiveness–just a brand new faith-filled woman freed from religious dogmas. And, better prepared as a founder, boss, and CEO.

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