Fear Nothing And Seize Every Moment

Confronting self is a strong discipline. It’s time to move beyond the cliché, “I’m my own worst enemy,” and deal with the “inner me.” Internal struggles, opposing thought-patterns, inconsistencies, hostile actions, and disobedient ways only promotes the enemy. Such resistant acts find their roots in fear.
During childhood, I was involved in piano and voice lessons. My parents were faithful to the obligations of practice. I’d sit at the keyboard and play for hours. I desired to perfect the lessons from the Professor. All seemed to balance quite well-–until asked by my Dad to sing. I would literally freeze. One day he made me stand for long minutes. I fought, cried refused to obey. Fear gripped my vocal chords, the words, and notes. When I finally conjured the gumption, the sound was extremely low. Dad accepted my fear and stubbornness, but uttered, “I only wish that I could sing and play the piano.”
This moment helped me to realize that many desire gifts and talents that they were not innately born with, nor grow to “tap into.” But, we do have differing gifts that make up the world. Fear will manifest in our actions, which prevents our gifts from birthing and or maturing. Fear causes struggles. Fear produces resistance. Fear gives rise to inconsistencies. Fear promotes hostile actions and disobedience.
I confront any fears that try to surface daily. You must use self-awareness, or in this case, fear awareness. Awareness is when you have knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. It is also a concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.
What do you perceive about yourself that is factual? What knowledge do you have about yourself that is factual? How might you show concern about your daily self-development in areas of emotion, mind, body and spirit?
When you tune into self, that’s the time you monitor your actions and reactions. Tuning into self will help you make better decisions than previous ones. Tuning into self will train you to use resistance towards fear, and look to SEIZE THE MOMENT in every opportunity. I am in tune and in sync with me. As a result, I understand my gifts and callings. I play the keys with skill and sing from a place of freedom. As I seize every moment, I experience liberation from within first; then, it is felt around me.

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