Face It!

Just Face It!

Confronting the self is a strong discipline. I think it’s time to move beyond the cliché, “I’m my own worst enemy,” and deal with the, “inner me.” The inner struggles, opposing thought-patterns, inconsistencies, contrary actions, disobedient ways define the enemy.

During childhood, I was involved in piano and voice lessons. My parents were faithful to the obligations of practice. I’d sit at the keyboard and play for hours. I desired to perfect the lessons from the Professor. All seemed to balance quite well–until asked by my Dad to sing. I would literally freeze. One day he made me stand for long minutes. I fought, cried refused to obey. Fear gripped my vocal chords, the words, and notes. When I finally conjured the gumption, the sound was extremely low. Dad accepted my fear and stubborness, but uttered, “I only wish that I could sing and play the piano.”

One response to “Face It!

  1. That's beautiful… Just like fear gripped your vocal chords that day… Fear man-handles so many aspects of people's lives. We become insecure and confined, in order to avoid the clutches of fear. But little did we know, we have already fallen victim to fear when we stopped believing that God can alleviate fear in our hearts. Once we take fear off its pedestal and place God 1st in our lives then and only then will we be truely free from the shackles of fear. And open to the word ❤

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