TrUSt in Love

TrUSt Love in Relationship
By: Jacqueline T Powell

I’m convinced that love cannot mature or develop to its fullest potential when pain accumulates. Humanness tends to keep the authentic self hiding behind the mere “shadow” of surface love-like possibilities. The self is limited and true risks are scarce. This love cannot be real—towards the self, the other, community or God. Therefore, self-inventory is necessary. Dealing with the pain is needed. Feeling the pain produces a low tolerance level that the heart and mind cannot bare; I’m sure—just as love is felt passionately, earnestly, and intensely the acceptance echelon increases the climax. Relationships will provoke and create pain. But I wonder what height of “in love” comes to fruition when two willing people sincerely press pass and beyond the depth of pain; un-attach and free the mind of soreness; and construct a trust for “us” that the “in Love” continues to flow into movements that transcend this outward perishing nature—the “in love” that is consistently renewed day by day. This is what I desire…

It takes two willing people; two determined persons, places of safety, honesty, openness and sincerity. I had to fall in love to (re)learn my pain, guards, and shame. I fell in love, again; to realize and surmise that the pain I gained was needed for a time such as this. Love spoke to me once, but I heard it twice that the trueness and power of love is found in the pain. Love is patient, kind, not proud, does not boast, not envious, and the list goes on. However, love is birthed through patience and long-suffering; better known as pain. Love and trust are emotions. As women, we resonate with these emotions indisputably. Most of the times, we learn our love and trust from a multitude of (sins) mistakes, “shakes her head.” I’m determined to allow the pruning [pain] to produce more fruit (John 15). So, the next time I’m caught in love, he’ll experience sweet, lasting fruit beyond measure—even in the pain. Thus, it shall be bitter, sweet.

©2009 Jacqueline T Powell

One response to “TrUSt in Love

  1. Love I want love, so if pain comes with it then prune away prune away. I say Amen to what Elder Powell says above when it's my time to be caught in love then yes love will resonate from me and yes be bitter sweet. Elder thank you for your words of wisdom in the natural and in the spirit. I am learning!

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